Saturday, October 31, 2015

Friday, October 30, 2015

11-07-15 Next Week! "Aftertale"! The Undertale Afterparty stream Next Saturday!


The Undertale After-party ^_-

Whats going on?
 Playing a bunch of Undertale Based Super Mario Maker Levels + Crypt of the Necrodancer Rythim game with full Undertale remixes playlist and this MOD by ChocolateCirno during our 24 hour ExtraLife Chairty stream!

+ Giving away free digital steam games!!! ... and heck ill throw in another Undertale copy again!...maybe 2 ^.-

Charity goals
If you want to see me have a BAD TIME Nov 8th 2015... check the bottom of this link
For the children..... 

November,7th,2015 Saturday, @ 7pm to 3AM CST! (sorry Papyris was misinformed XD)


Going to be playing allot of tracks during the stream ^.-
Megalobania MEGAMIX
Rex's undertale Favorites

Mario Maker Stages?
  Here is the list. Feel free to comment so I can add more ^^ or Better yet make one for the stream!
All the Mario Maker stages I have compiled

Send your fan art of the After-party to our Tumblr! I'll show them off after the stream! 
Send art here ! Or Tweet us!

Cya in chat! Feel free to chat all you want about undertale, share any links to funny fan content as well! This will be a celebration of the game, so expect spoilers EVERYWHERE.

... ok make sure you tag your spoilers and stuff <,< 
Also I have added Extra Life Goals so click For the children! Most of all GET HYPE!


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween stream with TxkHotsauce team! 7pm and onward!

TxkHotsauce is streaming through Halloween!

Rex: " Get hype! Cause we are going to be streaming through Halloween playing the most terrifying or in some cases the most SPOOPY horror games out there with giveaway's planned during our 7+ hour stream!!! (leaves to get mentally rdy for SOMA... iv only heard "greeeaaaaaat things Q.Q") "



7:00PM-8:00PM CST: AzzaAlane plays Five Nights At Freddy's!More surprises in store during the stream??? Join the chat to find out!
She will be giving away FNAF2 and a FNAF Franchise pack..

8:00PM-11:00PM CST: The NWA crew plays Zombies Ate My Neighbors and some other games. Possible giveaways from the Monthly Humble Bundle.

11:00PM - 2:00AM CST: RexStrider starts SOMA 100% Blind! + Steam Digital game Giveaway's!

2:00 AM-??? Ant and Louie play Don't Starve Together and giveaway a Don't Starve Bundle.

Ant,Birl,Luke,Rubi TBH to fill remaining time-slots!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

RexPlays YOUR Super Mario Maker Levels! Part 5! ( Comment your twitch name and stage code here!)

LIVE @ 10/25/15 8:00PM CST!




1. Post your Twitch name and level code in the comments bellow ( plz god no spring levels...)

2. Follow TxkHotsauce

3. Be there, be awesome. ^.-


1. New stage devs take priority. I will play  another level from you if everyone in chat has had a go though XD
2. Be cool to each other. Constructive criticism works, but don't just be a douche.. we can tell.. we have a douche meter... dont ask
3. No springs 

Rex's October Level Maker Challenge: Horror!

Simple. Make a horror theme level to celebrate October horror month! Bonus points for atmosphere. Think Creepy pasta. Horror movie themed levels (Saw anyone?) Bring on those Boo haunted houses!


I'm back! Just moved into a new apartment and got my setup up enough to stream! Need some posters though >.> ... ANYWAY, im looking forward to what creative levels you got for me this time! Has anyone got one for this months challenge??? ALSO Special note. 

Looking for Undertale Themed Levels for the Undertale Afterparty stream!  

Gonna do a stream with as many of the awesome Undertale based levels people have made soon. If you find any please Comment here with the #Undertale.  plz and thanks XD 


LAST Made HIGHLIGHTS!  (Sorry will make more soon ;) )


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

NWA Project Updates

The NWA crew is still working on reviewing Mario Maker levels. We have the first batch of levels recorded, but life has gotten in the way of doing the voice over parts. We hope to have that out soon. Submit your level if you would like us to review it for the series.

We don't use emulators to stream to have as authentic of a experience as possible, so we are limited to what we have or can get. So, we have just started trying to catalog the games we can stream. The progress so far is here. Let us know if you see anything you would like to watch us play.

On that note, we will be adding DS and 3DS games to our stream very soon.

We are also still begging for donations for Extra Life. Please donate using the thermometer to the right or at least share the link to our team. If you have any ridiculous things you would like to see us do for a donation, comment on this post! Just be ready to really send the money, Azza and Louie are kinda crazy.

Louie, FerricAnt, and AzzAlane
aka TXKHotsauce NWA

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Want to see someone play #Undertale for the first time?

Azza will stream a just about blind run of Undertale when she reaches her Extra Life goal- not the $500 over all team one, just hers. She didn't enjoy the demo, so she won't play otherwise. Other than the demo and reading a few reviews, she knows nothing about the game.

So if you really feel strongly about Undertale, please donate or share the link to get her to play.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Next #Amiibo #giveaway: Shulk

We are very close to our next giveaway! The date will be announced when we reach 600 Twitch followers.

Your #SuperMarioMaker levels by most of Hotsauce

Live right now, 5 TXKHotsauce streamers are in the same place playing your Mario Maker levels!

Comment here with your level, twitch ID and who you want to play it. Ant, Keys, Orin, Azza, and Rex are all waiting.

We will play all levels posted by our followers!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Amiibo and game giveaway ending

Rex is going to announce the winners of our first giveaway this Friday during his streaming session. For those who do not know the giveaway will have a winner for each prize and the prizes are a Toad Amiibo and at least two Steam games. More prizes will be added if we reach 100 Twitter followers or 200 Facebook likes. If you haven't entered yet it is quite simple to do so just follow TXKhotsauce on Twitch and fill out this form