Wednesday, October 21, 2015

NWA Project Updates

The NWA crew is still working on reviewing Mario Maker levels. We have the first batch of levels recorded, but life has gotten in the way of doing the voice over parts. We hope to have that out soon. Submit your level if you would like us to review it for the series.

We don't use emulators to stream to have as authentic of a experience as possible, so we are limited to what we have or can get. So, we have just started trying to catalog the games we can stream. The progress so far is here. Let us know if you see anything you would like to watch us play.

On that note, we will be adding DS and 3DS games to our stream very soon.

We are also still begging for donations for Extra Life. Please donate using the thermometer to the right or at least share the link to our team. If you have any ridiculous things you would like to see us do for a donation, comment on this post! Just be ready to really send the money, Azza and Louie are kinda crazy.

Louie, FerricAnt, and AzzAlane
aka TXKHotsauce NWA

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