Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween stream with TxkHotsauce team! 7pm and onward!

TxkHotsauce is streaming through Halloween!

Rex: " Get hype! Cause we are going to be streaming through Halloween playing the most terrifying or in some cases the most SPOOPY horror games out there with giveaway's planned during our 7+ hour stream!!! (leaves to get mentally rdy for SOMA... iv only heard "greeeaaaaaat things Q.Q") "



7:00PM-8:00PM CST: AzzaAlane plays Five Nights At Freddy's!More surprises in store during the stream??? Join the chat to find out!
She will be giving away FNAF2 and a FNAF Franchise pack..

8:00PM-11:00PM CST: The NWA crew plays Zombies Ate My Neighbors and some other games. Possible giveaways from the Monthly Humble Bundle.

11:00PM - 2:00AM CST: RexStrider starts SOMA 100% Blind! + Steam Digital game Giveaway's!

2:00 AM-??? Ant and Louie play Don't Starve Together and giveaway a Don't Starve Bundle.

Ant,Birl,Luke,Rubi TBH to fill remaining time-slots!


  1. DEA0-0000-00CB-81CE

    My zombie level you enjoyed. :)

  2. Depending on when I get free on Halloween night and whether anyone ends up crashing in my spare bedroom (streaming location) I will try to finish out the night with some Halloween/horror games following Rex. Feel free to eat into my time slot if Soma won't let you sleep Rex! 0.o

    1. Sure will! thanks for the heads up! And dont worry about SOMA. Its I bet its a kids game >.> #wishfullThinking