Monday, May 23, 2016

HotSauce Off the Presses for the Week of 5-22-16

Hello Hot Sauce Nation! SirOrin here with the next issue of Hot Sauce Off the Presses!

This year is flying by. When our next issue goes live we will be in the heart of A-Kon in Dallas and the following issue will be hot on the heels of E3. As a result we are in the doldrums of news, but at least we have osme new (and great!) video games coming out with Uncharted and Doom. Still, I have managed to find a couple of stories worth commenting on.

Previously on TXK Hot Sauce: Rex has been incredibly busy playing Uncharted 4 as well as indie RPG "Off" as well as it's fan made sequel, "Home". Meanwhile, Keys is getting deep into the new MMO hotness, "Tree of Savior".

New/Upcoming releases we are excited about: Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Total War: Warhammer and Overwatch. That's pretty much it for the next two weeks. But Overwatch looks so good I'm glad not much else is coming out. Oh, and I think they made another Homefront and it's not very good again, FYI.

Here are the important gaming stories of the past few weeks.
~ SirOrin

HotSauce Off the Presses for the Week of 5-22-16

Look at that lineup. How is Skylanders still on shelves
when Star Wars and Marvel are not?
Disney Infinity Turns Out to be Finite

So I'm not really into the "Toys-to-Life" genre. I own a few Amiibos but I don't really know why. But if there was one that seemed likely to survive it was the one with Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney/Pixar. Not so it turns out. Despite being profitable, Disney has shut down all future installments and disbanded the team working on them. Most reports indicate that too many plastic toys were sitting in stores and warehouses and Disney finally just pulled the plug.

If I had time for these 4X games,
Stellaris would be at the top of my list.
Paradox Addresses Mediocre Review

The internet did what is known best for doing. Overreacting to a minor slight against something they love. After a reviewer at IGN gave the new 4X game a score of 6.3/10 the fans of the game started accusing the editor, Rowan Kaiser, of conspiring against the game. To the developer's credit, they came out and backed Rowan for his opinion and freedom to state his opinion. I don't know what kind of impact this had on the fervor from the fans, but it was at least a sign of good will between the developer and media and I am extremely happy with the maturity both parties showed. Well, except for the Internet's reaction but that would be naive to expect better. Passion and belligerence walk a fine line in the forums.

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