Thursday, June 9, 2016

HotSauce Off the Presses for the Week of 6-09-16

Hello Hot Sauce Nation! SirOrin here with a "special" issue of Hot Sauce Off the Presses!

A-Kon went amazing for our streaming crew. The team who went down had an amazing time and we hope all of you enjoyed the tournaments on the channel!

On the news side of things, E3 news is coming hot and heavy. Rather than a traditional news post I am just going to go over the main leaks and pre-announcements so far. Once E3 proper wraps up, we will return for our impressions and the biggest announcements of the week!

Previously on TXK Hot Sauce: The TXK Hot Sauce crew streams tournaments at A-Kon 2016 in Dallas! Also, Mattikus begins work on the Valkyria Chronicles, Keys and company make sure the heroes never die in Overwatch as well as gets his MMO time in with Tree of Savior.

New/Upcoming releases we are excited about: Dangerous Golf, Mirror's Edge Catalyst and Kirby: Planet Robobot.
~ SirOrin

HotSauce Off the Presses for the Week of 6-09-16

So unlike most weeks, there will not be a big writeup with links to the big stories. Instead, I would like to simply list out all of the big pre-E3 game announcements. Some of these are confirmed while others are only highly rumored but either way we will have our answers in a few days. We will return late next week with impressions and to see how many of these turned out to be true. See you all on the other side!


Agents of M.A.Y.H.E.M. - A new game from the Saint's Row developers Volition.
Dishonored 2 - Previously confirmed but part of the leaked lineup for Bethesda.
Watch_Dogs 2 - This one leaked on some pre-roll Twitch ads but has now been confirmed.
Injustice 2 - Thanks to GameStop for this leak. That means we can expect MK 11 in about 2019.
Destiny: Rise of Iron - (DLC) This may have been announced but details will be released prior to E3.
Zelda (WiiU/NX) - This has been known forever but is probably the most anticpated single title at the show.


Dead Rising 4 - Sequel to the Microsoft series, rumored to once again star Frank West.
Forza Horizon 3 - Sequel to the more open world series of Forza
Wolfenstein 2 - Sequel to the highly revered MachineGames entry Wolfenstein: The New Order.
Evil Within 2 - Sequel to the survival horror game from the creator of Resident Evil.
Prey 2 - Sequel to the 3D Realms game that is completely reworked from the previously announced Prey 2.
Skyrim Remastered - This one would make sense with the mod scene coming to the consoles soon.

Finally, I expect the details on the upgraded PS4 and Xbox One to finally be announced at the show (as well as the Xbox One Slim). It looks to be an exciting show and we will bring you all the info late next week. See you then!

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