Sunday, November 1, 2015

#ExtraLife goals, #Giveaways, and Challenges

We are in the home stretch for Extra Life. As of noon on Nov 1, we have $61 as a team. We would like to do more so we have set some goals for giveaways and challenges.

We are open to adding to these. Comment if you have anything you would like for us to consider adding. You don't have to say what you would donate to see it, but it would be nice.

Team Hotsauce

Our team goal is $500. You can check our progress to the right. This is the combined total of the three following accounts.

For every $50, we will give away a Steam game to our Facebook/Twitter followers.

For every $50 earned while we are streaming, we will have an additional stream raffle.

Keys and SirOrin

Ant, Louie, and Azza

For every $10 you donate, you can pick a game for one of these people to play for half an hour (or more) from their streamable library. Comment the name of the game and who you want to play it on your donation.

At $100, AzzAlane will do a 99% blind (She's played the demo and read a couple spoiler free reviews) of Undertale after posting her theory on what's going on in the game.

At $150, fans will get to vote for the kind of run AzzAlane should do.

If we get more than Rex, Louie will jump in the lake.

Saving the best for last! Rex




 CLICK 4 Rex's Timeslot for Nov7th

Howdy! Rexstrider here! ( I did not make that title ;D ) ... and this is going to hurt... but.ill do it......FOR THE CHILDREN ><


  At 100$  I'll.... I'll stream a LIVE Longplay (EDIT  had too push to 10th due to work) @Nov, 10th, 5pmCST of Undertale on a ....... Genocide run  until I beat Sans [ Until he Sleeps] ( It will be the hardest play-through of my life as I relate to every one of the main characters in this game... again.. for the kids... Q.Q)


At 200$ EDIT) I have agreed to do the whole dang 12 GHOST PEPPER Buffalo wild wing challenge now and record it! expect it soon! ( give me 2 weeks.. as I have a bit lip and i don't want to be destroyed >.>) BUT


For every 50$ till $400  1 added Blazing Buffallo Wild Wing will be eaten during the Sans fight!!!!


If we hit our 500$ team goal.... I'll do the FULL Genocide run.. all the way till reset....Q.Q


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