Friday, November 20, 2015

Another #Undertale post

AzzA here. My Undertale 99% blind run is tomorrow at 1 PM Central. I wanted to talk about a couple things I have been asked.

What does 99% blind mean?

I have played the demo. I wasn't very impressed so I just left it alone. I've read a couple reviews that Ant and Louie pre-screened to try to figure out why I didn't like it, but everyone else seems to love it so much.

If you didn't like the demo, why didn't you read spoilers? 

Rex regretted playing the first time off-stream. I figured I should stream it blind if I played it at all.

Why play it now? 

For the children! I promised a blind run during Extra Life and got donations specifically mentioning it.

Are you just going to trash the game?

No. I wouldn't play something just to bash it. That wouldn't be fun for me or anyone watching. If something is really great, I will react accordingly.

Are you going to "have a change of heart" and love the game?

Who knows? Hopefully, my opinion will change. Just like I said, I will react how I react. I won't fake loving it any more than I would hating it. I won't disrespect the game or it's fans like that.

If all that sounds ok to you, please join me on Twitch.

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