Saturday, April 30, 2016

Texas Showdwon Recap By TxK Mattikus

Whats up guys! Mattikus here giving you a Recap from last weekend at Texas Showdown April 22-24!  I had a really good time at the tournament.  The games I competed at was Killer Instinct, Ultra Street Fighter IV, and Street Fighter V!  Also Steven Gill, and Mickale Hamilton, and Myself also played in the Street Fighter V 3vs3 tournament.

                                          Our group picture for the Street Fighter V Teams

I had the privilege to play with the best players around the country.  Players such as Alex Valle (Calipower), 801 Strider, and Cast Blanka to name a few. 

                                                            FT3 Set with 801Strider

                                                              FT5 Set with Alex Valle

                                                            FT3 Set with VGP Nash Fan

The biggest highlight from the the tournament is going 3-2 in Street Fighter V first time in a major tournament  There is still a lot of work for me to get better and go further.  I'll be streaming more of me playing Street Fighter V in preparation for A-kon. 

                                             On Stream playing aginst Jewlman in USFIV

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