Friday, March 4, 2016

HotSauce Off the Presses and the Future

What's up nation? TxK SirOrin here with an update on the status of "HotSauce Off the Presses". The next few weeks are going to be pretty busy in the personal lives of several of us here at TxK Hot Sauce and therefore my news wrap-ups are going to take a very temporary hiatus. Look for them to return in early-to-mid April when everything has settled down. At that time we will likely be going to a bi-weekly format, and we are also bouncing around the idea of some sort of video component.

I am excited for this year in gaming! VR headsets are going to start dropping soon and in a few months we should have an idea of what Nintendo's next console will be, as well as all the other E3 announcements. Keep coming back to the site and channel to see what we all will be streaming next.

~ Sir Orin

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  1. Its all good man. Can't wait for Aprils post! I'm looking forward of what Nintendo has in store this year.