Saturday, February 20, 2016

HotSauce Off the Presses for the Week of 2-20-16

Hello Hot Sauce Nation! It's me, SirOrin here to bring you another update on the week that was.

Previously on Txk HotSauce: Ant and Louie continued their mission in Mega Man X: Command Mission. Also, it was no illusion, AzzAlane played Illusion of Gaia. Finally, Rex and Mattikus each fought the servers in the launch of Street Fighter V!

Here are the gaming stories of the week that caught my attention. New games you should look forward to next week include Far Cry: Primal and the re-release of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow! See you all next week!
~ SirOrin

HotSauce Off the Presses for the Week of 2-13-16

Find someone who looks at you the way
Lupe Fiasco looks at Daigo Umehara.
Lupe Fiasco beat Daigo! Magic is real!

Following up on a previous story I highlighted, the match between Lupe Fiasco and Daigo Umehara in Street Fighter V has happened and against all odds, Lupe was the victor. While this immediately led many to wonder if the outcome was staged, I prefer to believe that anything is possible and that maybe there is still some magic in the world. Another, perhaps more likely, possibility is that Daigo allowed Lupe to hang close for dramatic purposes and fully intended to beat him in the final match. Either way, Lupe shocked us all with the flying jump kick heard around the world and won the final Game 5 matchup. Here's hoping for a rematch at EVO! And speaking of Street Fighter V...

I think I probably won't bother buying SF V,
all of the good names are apparently taken.
Street Fighter V Launches with Shaky Servers

It is common practice at this point for games with on-line functionality to launch with issues and Street Fighter V is no exception. Between slow matchmaking, random drops, and sever outages the launch day suffered from a myriad of problems. Add to this that many of the games features require an on-line component at all times and many fans were left disappointed. For everyone who was on the final wave of survival mode just to have the servers drop and all of your progress lost, I weep for you. At this point however, servers seem to be running somewhat better. However, with all of the missing features (what kind of lobby is a 2 person lobby?) and shaky launch, it seems clear SFV was rushed out the door, probably to kick off the Capcom tour. It's disappointing for a game that most people seem to really enjoy playing....when it works.

The Randy Savage Deathclaw says
"Oooh Yeah, I'm getting that DLC!"
Fallout 4 DLC Outlined and Season Pass Price Rises

If you have any interest in playing the Fallout 4 DLC, I suggest you purchase the season pass before March 1st. Bethesda announced many of their plans for the next year of DLC for Fallout 4, including an increase in the price of their season pass from $29.99 to $49.99 beginning March 1st. That means you still have a little over a week to purchase it at the discounted price. The DLC itself seems to be a mix of small "stuff packs" similer to the Sims, as well as full expansions with major story lines. There are also several free updates coming including the Creation Kit as well as an overhaul of the Survival Mode. I will probably do what I always do with Bethesda games and just wait on the Game of the Year Edition to include all the DLC.

I thought this was a photo of Warren Spector
losing his mind until I remembered Epic Mickey
Warren Spector is Back and Working on System Shock 3

Well known game designer and producer, Warren Spector has been hired on to guide development of OtherSide Entertainment, the developers of the upcoming System Shock 3. Spector has a large history in the games industry as far back as Wing Commander and most recently the Epic Mickey franchise. His opus magnum was probably the original Deus Ex back in 2000. He has history with the System Shock series as a produces so he will have a strong familiarity with one of the most lauded game series of all time. Let's just hope System Shock 3 comes out more like Deus Ex than, let's say, Epic Mickey.

What that sixth guy on the squad
who went 1-22 looks like at home.
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is Trying Out a New Pricing Strategy

Activision is trying out a new pricing structure for the newest Call of Duty game. They are offering a bare-bones version of the multiplayer on Steam for the low price of only $15. There are several limitations including: No private matches, no prestiging at the level cap, and obviously no zombies or campaign. Even so, this is the easiest/cheapest way for players to get in on the hit FPS. This isn't uncalled for, the previous generation versions of the game already had the campaign stripped out, supposedly due to graphical reasons. What will be interesting is whether they offer something like this at the game's launch next year.

For those who don't know, DICE is where developers
get together and get CRUNK! (as pictured here)
PT is Back! Maybe...

The DICE Summit (a game developers conference) was this past week and one of gaming's biggest stars, Hideo Kojima, was on-stage with film director and friend, Guillermo del Toro. These two are best known together for their work on PT, a free game demo for the cancelled Silent Hills game. The demo took fans and the internet by storm and has since been pulled from the market following Kojima's abrupt removal from the company. While there was no mention of a spiritual successor to PT, Guillermo did say he would do "anything he wants" referring to Kojima. This is good news for all PT fans and I hope to hear more news in the coming months on another collaboration.

Strafe Trailer is the Greatest of the Year, Everyone Else Pack It Up

There is really no substance to this story, but man...what a trailer. You owe it to yourself to watch all 2 minutes of this beauty. Direct link here.


  1. Yea the Servers were really bad Day 1 for Street Fighter 5. It's starting to get better later in the week. I'm Looking forward to the March Update.

    1. Yeah, I didn't really go into the March update but that should resolve a lot of things people have problems with.