Sunday, November 1, 2015

#SuperMarioMaker Player Levels with Ant and Louie

Ant and Louie are taking over Super Mario Maker to kick off No Shave November and our Extra Life count down! Please consider donating or sharing our link while you watch. We need $95 to get to the NWA Crew's goal and $439 to reach the team goal. Check out the previous post for giveaways, other TXK streamers goals, and such.

On to the main event!

  1. Comment your level ID and Twitch name. 
  2. We will play a level from each comment on our stream in the order received. 
  3. If we finish them all, we will go back to posts with multiple levels.
  4. We will skip yours if we don't see you in chat so that you don't miss it.


  1. mrmushroomer: E7DD-0000-00CE-9542

  2. Mr Mushroomer E7DD-0000-00CE-9542 but you guys actually played a different level..

    1. I posted this one for you earlier, thanks tho.

  3. im gonna step away but when you have a chance. 525B-0000-00CB-E103 its called Minus World Myster

  4. Mathgeek314: 3707-0000-00D1-25CD

  5. 47E8-0000-00C6-F725

  6. 6490-0000-00C8-99CA

    (2nd level!)

  7. This song This stage : Title: Bad Time ID: 4C64-0000-00BC-D106 As the name already implies, most people have a bad time with this one. After playing Undertale myself and listening to the soundtrack for about 4 weeks straight I was introduced to Super Mario Maker and decided to create a stage inspired by a particular fight from the game. I'm sure you can guess which one. If you don't mind playing challenging levels, feel free to give this one a shot. I'm still waiting for someone to clear it other than myself. XD After this. I dare you

  8. BSUGrad:
    1st: Bowser Gets Wily 12A1-0000-0083-5D51
    2nd: Bowser Gets Wily 2 (1397-0000-00D1-33E5)

  9. Good luck with the boos :)

  10. Thank you so much. Any levels after this will be played off stream and we will comment on them more in depth than the others.

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