Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Undertale Giveaway/9HourLongplay! 4 Copys of Undertale Raffle+MORE FREE GAMES! with Rexstrider

 Date: October 14th
Time: 8pm Central Standard Time


Duration: 8+ Hour longplay! ( Playing the whole game to completion baby!)

Whats you have to do to win: JUST BE THERE! Oh.. and have a steam account ^^ I will be doing the raffle via MooBot that randomly picks someone in chat then gift you the the Digital copy via steam.. Simple as that! PLZ be present or someone else will be picked! Hitting a follow would be cool to XD ALSO do not worry if you own a copy already, show up and win one for your friend, just re-gift it from your inventory!

 WhenWillTheyBeRaffled?: Giving away 2 copy's of Undertale Digital Steam copy within first hour ( Pretty much after first boss for people that want to stop and go play the game themselves XD)
Then 2 more, 1 for each ending! 
U cant win more then 1 copy of Undertale, I want to share the "love" ^^  * I heard a rumor that RexStrider is doing something special for those that show up right at 8pm >.>     <.< ) *
You can win multiple times on the separate other FREE random games that will be given away in chat throughout the longplay by Dusty Error!!!

I don't want to spoil it for you with overhypeing and yeah.. just check out the creators about page ^^
I hear being a fan of Earthbound helps since it means your used to this kind of humor filled RPG
and being a fan of Cavestory too since that means you enjoy Indy games

Why am I doing this? Back when this first came out I played 10 hours nonstop and now I'm kicking myself in the foot because.... 1. I did not capture one of the best gaming experiences I've had in a long time on video 2. I did not make anything to contribute and share this amazing game with people so they can okay and make an connection with the game themselves. I feel Toby's deserves all the praise and sales he gets for pretty much single handily making this game over 3 years. More importantly I want this game to resonate with more people on an emotional level like it did me and it felt like I missed a chance to do that..
BUT I stayed determined and came up with an idea. And that's why this is a thing.
Trying to share the game with as many as I can ;).

 The longplay will be an True Pacifist run RIGHT after a true reset. I will be going through the game as if it was a blind run so I don't spoil the game for people watching for the first time, I ask you do the same in chat plz. NO SPOILERS PLZ OR YOU WILL BE BANNED AND DROPPED OUT OF THE RAFFLE ;3

So people that have played get to spot differences if any.. they should be minor, and new players get to see a run of the game without spoilers XD. I will also be hunting a few Easter eggs I now know of but not doing them all... just letting ya know about them and giving you a reason to do a playthrough yourself ;D. I plan to do a 9 hour longplay that go's through 2 endings.

So plz tell everyone who is interested in this game even people that want to get copy's for there friends!! I'd be happy even giving it to someone who already owns the game. Just means they can gift it to someone that needs one  ^^
 Looking forward to the giveaway and being able to replay Undertale again! XD


  1. If you have any questions or if your hype and your definitely going to be there let me know! XD

  2. Question: Do i only have to be at the stream or i have to watch it? My internet connection isin't at it's best, so i cannot really watch a stream without it constantly lagging out.

    1. Being in chat is fine ^^. Although I will need for you to respond and add me on steam so I can gift you if you win.

    2. That will be no problem. Many thanks for answering.

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  3. Would it possible to try and win a copy for a friend of mine? One of my friends already bought me Undertale, and I wanted to pay it forward to another friend.

  4. Would it possible to try and win a copy for a friend of mine? One of my friends already bought me Undertale, and I wanted to pay it forward to another friend.

  5. Great questions. Definitely! The fact that its getting to a new player is what counts! Just keep the gift in your steam inventory if you win and re gift your friend the copy of Undertale. ^^

  6. Get the goal on my ExtraLife met during this and I will get the game and play it.

    1. Hope you play it anyway. Your possibly missing out on a good experience. Cant say for sure as it depends on you what you get out of it. I only suggest that you should only play it if you want to, not with a forced into it mind set. If its not for you then its not for you.