Friday, August 24, 2018

Weekly Roast!!

Hey guys what is good? It's ya boy King DeeZee coming at you again with a another fresh Weekly Roast! I wanna begin this week by letting you guys know that our weekly meetup at The Recreation Station in Texarkana will be returning again this coming Wednesday the 29th! Is that two weeks in a row?! You bet it is! We will be returning to a bi weekly rotation after this coming Wednesday, but we are here two weeks in a row this time! You guys come out and lets see what you got!

Speaking of the bi weekly meetup, the story of this week is my man Shiro! Shiro came out and dominated everyone all night in Smash 4 singles and won the tournament straight from a stacked winners bracket including former champions! This man came out and did his thing, so congratulations once again to Shiro! If you weren't able to check out the stream, check it out on our archives here: Be sure to click that like button on our channel as well if you haven't already!

We ran doubles brackets in Smash 4 this past week, and next week we will be running doubles again! We may make it a standard for every meet up, so come out and bring a partner!

I'll end the weekly roast this week by putting in a plug for our tournament, Video Game Mania 4! September 29 is just a month or so away, so get ready! We hope to see you all there!!!

PS. Pla Ket. 

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