Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Weekly Roast!

Hello there folks! It's ya boy King DeeZee back at it again with a new concept that I have been meaning to implement: a weekly update for all of our followers and players! The WEEKLY ROAST! I will be posting this weekly just to let you all know what's going on in the world of txkhotsauce! Everything that's exciting, not exciting, mildly exciting, and especially things that are FIRE!

First and foremost, Texarkanime was a HUGE success! I want to give a big shout out to the awesome crew there! Their convention was absolutely stellar and a huge addition to the town of Texarkana. Thanks to all the players that showed up and chilled with us as well! This was a big eye opener for txkhotsauce as to what we can do as an organization, so once again, big BIG thanks go out to everyone involved in the convention this weekend! Be sure to visit www.animeconarkansas.com for more info on their events!

We are less than two months away for VIDEOGAMEMANIA 4 @ the Recreation Station here in Texarkana, TX. This is our flagship tournament and we couldn't be more excited and driven to bring you guys the best experience possible. This will without a shadow of a doubt be the biggest event we have put on and we want to see everyone there to show us what our local players can do here in TxK! All of you folks traveling in have been put on notice! Come down here and get SMOOTH BODIED! Be sure to register online @ www.hypeconevents.com before tournament day, September 29th!!!

That's whats going on for now! Be sure to check in weekly for more updates!

ps. I know you all saw those ghost peppers. You aren't ready.

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