Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Back From KIT 2016

Whats up everyone!  I just got back home yesterday from KIT2016 (Kumite in Tennessee).  A couple of friends from Longview TX came along for support and get there hands on Tekken 7.  We all had a blast getting to play lots of matches with locals and other players form different states.  I would like to thank everyone for all the support from the tweets on Twitter and Facebook messages this weekend.  I went 3-2 on both Killer Instinct and Ultra Street Fighter IV.  I didn't do to bad but,  I should have done better.  I was able to be on stream 3 times in the games I played.  The biggest highlight for me is almost putting CD JR. in losers on my first round in pools in Killer Instinct.  I'm looking forward in the months to come to go to more Fighting game tournaments.

A Pic of Dale, Nick and Myself at the tournament floor!

I picked up a new Ps4 Stick in my collections this weekend as well! :)

Just a heads up of my followers in my twitch.tv/TxK_Mattikus channel.  I will be in streaming the schedule rotation on  the Txkhotsauce Channel.  I will give you updates on when I'll be streaming.  Details later.  Thanks for all the support!

TxK | Mattikus

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