Sunday, January 3, 2016

1/6/16 Hatoful Boyfriend 2: A new year of BIRB DATEING with RexStrider

Its happening
Its coo~
The Hatoful Boyfriend sequel DLC stream is happening everybirdy!

I enjoyed the last game ALLOT .. mainly due to its out of left field moments. Hopeing for the same experience with the DLC/ sequel XD

WHAT??: Its a dating simulator were you date birds....or is it?...O.O... yep that describes this well enough I think ;>

Time: January,6,2016 at 3pm Central Standard Birb time

Chat: PM a Caretaker to get into #Mttstudios and then get into the stream chat! Cool place for Undertale chat, content, gaming, music, voice chat, PM, + MORE Discord Chat server #Jerry

Giveaways?: Sure why not ? You just have to be in dreemurr chat #mttstudios and I'll do a raffle or 2.. or 3.. or- ( most likely will give away a bunch of random games :> ) a Follow would be nice too ;3


I will have a special copy of Hatoful Boyfriend and 2 extra game for all who submit any art made for the stream! Can be ANY type of art  ANY quality ( as long as it makes me lol ;3) and as long as its SFW!

Submit here on my tumbler:
PAST submissions! Thank yall again so much! THESE ARE ALL SO AWESOME!!!
By Chara
By KoopaKiy
By Twonky

Please tweet this to your friends :>

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