Friday, November 13, 2015

EDIT: 11/29/15 @ 1AM or 12pm CST Win a set Win a game! RexFights YOU at Smash 4!

EDIT (Pushed back due to internet troubles. fixed now!) Date/Time: 11/20/15 and 11/22/15 @ 1AM CST.  Right after "RexPlays YOUR Mario Maker Levels!"




RexFights YOU in Super Smash Brothers 4!

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 And if if you win a set. I'll gift you a steam game! simple as that! 

Now is your best chance to destroy me as I'm extremely rusty due to not owning the game for months... although a certain new character just changed that #GetOmnislashed. Figured this would be a good way to get gud again at smash and giveaway some games at the same time ^^




  • Set = Best 2 out of 3 matches. 2Stocks, no custom moves

  • You can retry after new people gets a chance

  • 1 game winnings per person.. unless I'm feeling really generous or something XD.. But feel free to stick around for some matches. I know I'll want a few salty runbacks! XD

  • If there is unplayable lag the match is forfeit. Sorry



How to enter!

  • Follow TxkHotsauce ( seems fair XD) 

      • Add My Nintendo ID: RexStrider and I will add you to the game while I host! ( you have to be in chat) 

      • Order will be decided by comments! Comment your ID name twitch name after you added me. 

  • If you want a rematch after yours is done,  comment in this blog " *COIN* " , your ID and twitch name. ARCADE STYLE


 How do I get the game?

I will whisper you the steam code for the free game, wall will be PC games, all Random XD.


PS: Also if you want you can pick my fighter heres the choices






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