Hey Everyone!

I am SirOrin. I was one of the original two co-founders of the TxK Hotsauce channel with Keys. We founded this channel due to our love of video games of all kinds. Whether they be competitive or just weird, we play a little bit of everything.

We have been around the TxK gaming scene since 2002 when we were regularly winning local Halo meetups and playing Smash Brothers late into the night multiple times a week. Keys continued to have weekly meetups and we decided to start streaming them in early 2014.

In mid 2015 we decided to expand the scope of this channel and started adding additional streamers to the crew. Members who had been coming to the meetups for years or were close friends of ours. We now have multiple streamers on the channel all throughout the day and are proud to entertain all of our viewers with every stream!

Thanks for joining the Hot Sauce Nation!

Title: Co-Founder/Streamer/Senior News Editor

     I want to see this channel continue to grow and have a dedicated group of followers as well as welcoming to any and all people who want to be a part of our fun. Everything we stream are games we would be playing off camera and we are happy to let the viewers come along with us. After an amazing 2015 Extra Life campaign I would love to see that aspect of our site continue to grow. I do not expect to make this a career, I just want to have some fun and let everyone who wants to be a part of it join in!

Favorite games:
     FTL, The Last of Us, XCOM, Tell Tale Games, All Nintendo Franchises, Armello, JackBox Party Packs, Final Fantasy, BioShock

     The two main goals I would love to see us work on are more written articles for the website (news, oprinions, etc) and a podcast. Video games have become a medium worth celebrating and discussing. No longer is it only about shooting the bad guys (to be fair, it is still largely about shooting bad guys) but there are amazing experiences that touch on every human emotion. Love, loss, religion, sexuality, politics, etc. I would love to start offering my own perspective on the biggest news and controversies to affect this industry

2015 Extra Life Participant

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