Rubicon Vale

Rubicon Vale joined TXKHotsauce in later summer 2015. A lover of all things Final Fantasy, Rubicon currently resides in Eorzea, the world of Final Fantasy XIV.

Through social media relationships, creative projects, and mutual respect, Rubicon believes that the Final Fantasy XIV community is as strong as they come. He hopes that his contributions, such as his years of podcasting and community involvement, help make a positive impact upon the XIV community.

Rubicon is an avid Final Fantasy XIV player and raider, main WHM. His favorite games are RPGs such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Wild Arms. He's a former Final Fantasy XI, SWTOR, and Phantasy Star Online player.

Currently, Rubicon streams on Tuesday evenings. His passion is Gather Together, a Final Fantasy XIV podcast. Prior to Gather Together, Rubicon hosted Sequence Break XIV for over two years.

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