I hope to make this hobby into a way of life.. but if not I'm still hyped to even make one person happy, even if its for a little while after watching my silly antics ^^

I stream during the late night weekends mainly. ( 8pmCST on Sundays) But follow our Facebook or twitter cause I like to do impromptu weekday streams too, especially for events! ^^

Currently working on building my streaming setup as I am just starting. For instance a new computer in general. and Software for editing... something besides lightworks >.> ( consider myself the lowest tier of the group ^^)
Youtube videos such as:
SFV Ryu Tutorial
Undertale Videos
Megaman X Street Fighter
BloodBorn Series ( I'm really behind O.O)

Games I love

Undertale (I cant get this game out of my head. And I don't want to.)
Street Fighter and Soul Caliber ( childhood game that will always be in my heart)
Final Fantasy 7 ( First game to hit me with the feels. and captivate me with a story)
Resident Evil ( always loved watching my family do playthroughs of RE 2... never could myself ^^)
Uncharted  ( a game that ties a bond of friendship with a good bro of mine. Solid series)
 Star Fox 64 ( got me through my hardest times when I was young)
 Bravely Default ( one of the top old school type RPGS to come out in awhile)
ANYTHING Hediki Kamiya touches!
LIGHTNING ROUND: ( cause ill be here all night)
Secret of Evermore,LiveALive,Persona4,DevilMayCry,Bayoneta,Metal Gear Solid series,Pokemon Puzzle League,Conkers Bad Furday, Super Smash Brother 64, BreakDown, Corpse Party, Megaman Legends, Megaman X4, Megaman Battle Network 2, Castlevania, 


A challengedogs
Dunking someone
and Slam Jams ^^


Random select
Killing dogs
Geeetttttting dunked on!!!
and Open Water >.>

Past Youtube Projects

My Highschool project: RPG in RL!
Extra RL shenanigans

I play shooters too!

Lets Do this! ( Fighting gamer since getting my ass kicked in street fighter by my older brother XD)

Mario Maker brings is all together ^^

Fun fact: I used to make crappy Windows Movie maker AMV's back in the day before it was cool >.> lol

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Past Events

 Undertale +13 Hour longplay with Giveaway
 Aftertale Party!
RexPlays YOUR mario maker Sunday's! ( going on 8+)
Win a Set, Win a Game! RexFights YOU in SMASH!!!
Kill the "Monsters" SAVE the Children. Undertale Genocide Run for charity!

2015 Extra Life Participant: Raised $300 so far ( The Undertale community is amazing)

An annoying dog has stolen the rest of this bio


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