My name is Matthew Aka TxK_Mattikus. I'm a competitive fighting game player from Fort Worth Tx.  I met the TxK crew about 7 Years ago at Texarkana when I was going to school and Texarkana College.  I use to host fighting tournaments in at Borderland Games with Keys and Deezee.  Thanks to the TxK crew My hunger in competitive fighting games grows strong.  I'm currently a Streamer on Twitch under I also like to play Retro, and current games alike, and attempt to Speed run curtain games to challenge my ability as a player.

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       TxK Mattikus                      Mattiikus                           TxK_Mattikus


My vision is to entertain viewers in games that I love to play.  Fighting, Classic, or Modern games alike. 

Fave games:
Ultra Street Fighter IV,
Super Mario Bro1-3,
Mega Man 1-4,
Metal Gear Solid,
Tales of Vesperia,
Killer Instinct,
Final Fantasy 7 & 9,
Gears of War,
Castlevania Series,
Final Fight 2,
Streets of Rage 2
Resident Evil Series,

None Currently

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