I am Keys. One of the two founders of TxK Hotsauce. I love competitive gaming and old school NES games. I'm a competitive Super Smash Bros player that often travels around to tournaments to compete. Aside from gaming I love sports, music and writing. I'm obsessed with collecting gaming action figures and amiibos. If you ever want to send me any I WILL TAKE THEM!

As one of the two founders of Team Hotsauce I just have the dream to bring great entertainment that all can enjoy. We have a variety of streamers and personalities that do a variety of things. I believe that we have a selection of entertainment for everyone. One great thing about gaming is no one cares what your race, background, financial status or anything of the sort is. We just play, laugh and have fun. I would love to be able to utilize our success to better our communities along the way. God has blessed me and our team and we would love to give back.

Fave games
Resident Evil Series, Final Fantasy Series, Contra, Earthbound, Super Smash Bros. Series, Double Dragon Series, Megaman Series.

I'm currently working on a Mario Bros. Fan made game called Super Mario Bros. The Lost Keys.

RE 1, 3, Outbreak and Typing of the Dead speed runner.

2015 Extra Life Participant

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