Tuesday, December 22, 2015

RexStrider goes Birb dateing and Giveaway for 3 copys of Undertale @3pm 12/29/15

It has been decided.
The votes are in
The winner for the next LONGPLAY I do will be....
oh lord O.O

....Let the bird dating begin 

What do you know about this game?

NOTHING...for the most part. Its a game were you date birds... like a dating simulator parody or something. BUuuUUUt supposedly is a wild ride of ridiculousness?
I have never sat down and watched a play-through... I here things here and there. I know one of them is evil.. i think?.. that there is more to it than just dating birds. I hope? 


Means I'm going going to play the game in one setting until I beat it... like true ending beat it.. like date all the birbs if I have too to beat it. ALL THE BIRBS Q.Q expect it to be around 8+ hours of bird dating goodness XD


12/29/15 On Tuesday at 3pm Central Standard Time

How do we get Undertale?

1. You have to be in Dreemur chat in #mttstudios as this is a special giveaway for them. This will also put you on stream as well ^^ 
2. There will be a Roulette and again you have to be in Dreemurr chat to win. and Quiz shows ^^ questions will be asked in chat. first to answer gets PMed the Undertale Key in Chat
3. BONUS more games will be given to Dreemurr chat throughout the stream! 

YOOOOOOO! That's awesome! How do I get into this Dreemurr chat thing and what is it???!?!!
Created by VaniDreemurr Its a place for cool dudes to chat it up about anything, get free things, and upload Undertale fan content + more!
 It has different channels. mttstudios being the place for streamers to have there chat ^^. PM Vani to get access to all the other channels as well!
 Here a link to the chat:

Dreemurr Chat #MTTStudious

 There will be a 4rth copy of Undertale given away via roulette style ONLY for those that submit Fan art of the stream! Just to calrify it can be any type of art, that includes sprite work, photoshops, and all that XD

I will show off your work at the end of the stream and you will be put into a special roulette to win a copy of Undertale only for those that have entered!
I've always thought it was cool when other streamers did this and just thought it would be cool to try it out XD

Has to be something new made specifically for and related to the stream
YOU CAN WORK ON IT NOW IF YOU WANT ( although stuff related to what happens in the stream would be cool to see)!
Doodles are wonderful, I'm happy with anything XD
 Bonus points if you involve Undertale somehow ;3

How to submit your art
Just submit it to my tumblr ;3

No spoilers plz! Like don't even bring up ANYTHING that is going to happen even remotely.. cause I HATE spoilers.. examples

"its allright because THIS will happen"
" Dont worry.. that choice did not matter"
" it was going to happen either way"
" It was Big Bird all along!"
and sterf of that nature... slippin is ok, but if your outright just trying to spoil all the things expect a boot to tha head ;3

BIRB HYPE ( thanks to Mecucu)

Cya in Dreemurr chat! 
Stay coo~ everybody ;>



  1. GTG
    Goomba Full Potential Ñáö© (67EF-0000-0121-1DF5)

  2. lol u suck hahaha die nerd

  3. Cool stream bro. Hoping to get that UT key.