Thursday, November 19, 2015

GO PLAY UNDERTALE BEFORE CLICKING THIS @ 3pmCST 11/25/15 #Undertale GENOCIDE LONGPLAY for Extra Life Goal( + 2 Undertale copy's Giveaway) RexStrider is gonna have a BAD TIME

Time: 3:00pmCST 11/25/15 Wednesday
Who?: Me...Rexstrider Q.Q
Which run again?: *SOBS* Genocide run...

If you have not played Undertale. What are you doing here?
 Its 10 bucks  and I highly suggest playing it if you like RPG's HERE the demos in this link

 If that's not enough to get you to try the demo. Here's some info...It's one of the top games on meta critic PC and because of that  its blowing up on the internet with great reviews now from the indy crowd and is most likely gonna get spoiled for you and your never going to be able to experience it the same way again...

Also Azza hit her Extra Life Goal so she is doing a Blind Undertale run and give away a free copy of Undertale This Saturday  11/21/15 @ 1pm CST

Whats going on?

Rex: Doing a full Longplay of the Genocide run of Undertale Q.Q

*in the know people* "WHY!!!???!"

Rex: Because it was set as my Extra Life: Children's Charity Drive Goal. And it hit ! $200.00!    ( Thanks HDHype for the final stretch!)

*ITKP* "Oh... well. at least you can stop before you lose your sou-

Rex: NOPE! *hysterical laughter*  Because thankfully we ALSO hit our TxkHotsauce team goal of $500.00 for children's charity's! which makes it a FULL RUN UNTIL I RESET! YAY~! 

For real though, I'm happy we hit our goals! and if all I have to do is go through a "little" bit of emotional pain to gather the money for the children's hospitals we are supporting, then  I say WORTH XD.

(Speaking of pain, stay tuned  as I will be ALSO doing a Blazing Buffalo Wild Wing Challenge! Compliments of a request of HDhype since he hit the last goal XD Blog and date will be posted. thinking 2 weeks due to a bit lip I have.. want to actually have a chance XD 12 BLAZING wings. 30 seconds for each!)

Anything I can get from watching??? (Giveaways)

Rex: Yes! During the stream I will be giving away 2 copy's full FREE copys of Undertale Via Steam code Email! As well as Multiple random free steam games!

You just have be a part of the chat and be present when your names called otherwise it will be handed to someone else after 10 minutes! 

Undertale will be given via Email only ( faster than searching. PLZ whisper me or Dusty to confirm you got the game. Check your Spam folders)

1 Copy will be given out after the ruins 
Another copy will be given out after Undyne

Multiple random games given out throughout the stream by my Event Mod "Dusty Error"! 
 6+ extra games bought so far!

1) How to activate: Download Steam/ in the top tabs click GAMES/ then ACTIVATE PRODUCT ON STEAM/ enter the code and BAM, free game on your account ( there ^^ should make things ezier)
2) If you cant use your code right away SAVE it somewhere. 
3) If you already own the game, you are able to regift it to a friend who does not. Sorry, cant go by the honor system on the Internets XD
4) All codes are auto organized to only show codes not used and are copy and pasted. If your code somehow has an issue retry or contact steam help desk with code to verify issue. No new code will be given. Sorry :( Please do not cause a scene, even if joking or your will be banned. There free raffled games after all  ( Only happened ones to someone out of the 20 times I've done this. cant tell for sure if  was legit though  >.> ) 

I hear there mite be another copy of Undertale for those that stick through to the end.....


Hope to see allot of you during the stream... I'm going to need all the support I can get Q.Q

And that leads me into...

The Undertale Genocide Run DRINKING GAME!
                                                      (Disclaimer, drink will not be this potent)

1) Take a shot for every Frie- I mean "BOSS MONSTER" you kill! Q.Q
2) Take a Swig drink after Gameover Overing During your BAD TIME ( stop after 2 cups)
3) Down Drink if you Geeettttttt dunked on!!!

Drink suggestion:    Rex's DETERMINATION

1 can Monster Ballers Blend PUNCH Energy drink ( of your choice, I'm choosing Ballers Blend Punch..cause..BAD TIME)
3 oz Bacardi limon Rum ( or your Liquor of choice, goes well with Vodka or rum)

Vote for my Fallen Childs name here!

Wait, whats Undertale? Whats a Genocide run? Why all the feels?

 Undertale is a now pretty dang populer crowdfunded Indy RPG created by one Musician, Toby Rad Fox, in GameMaker not to long ago. Its a fantastic experience and I strongly suggest you play it before its spoiled for you by someone or the media.
If you need to know more about it. Its inspired by old school rpg classics like Chrono Trigger and Earthbound as well as inspirations from the ShinMegamiTensei series. Its filled with humorous dialogue and an interesting combat system that allows you to do more than simply grind out like usual RPG's but instead use your reflexes and logic like dodging attacks alah bullet hell or using actions to get your way out of fights if you want.

As for a Genocide run... its were you kill EVERY monster in the games. you Kill everything that spawns on the maps... you kill every boss. No one can be spared.

And why the feels?.. welp, lets just say this game left a lasting impression on me. Pretty much every main character in this game is relatable  to me in some way. . Maybe not ALL the monsters.. but I have drawn a connection to pretty much every "Boss Monster" in this game to a friend or family member in my life.
 Mainly due to how well they are presented. Each has there own flaws and goals. Characteristics that honestly make them feel very human because I can remember a time when someone I know had the same issues. Its hard for me not to have empathy towards them. Not to mention I have already beaten the game on a "pacifist run" adding many great moments near and dear to my heart. And now I got to systematically KILL them all with permanent in game consequence most likely.
 Not to mention the darker dialogue tones of betrayal since SPOILERS ...... some mite remember that I had JUST got done doing the best ending... saving them all... only to come back and kill them.

 so yeah... not too stoked about that Q.Q... but again. For the children!!!!

JohnHopkins  Childrens hospital info:

More goals to SAVE the children!
I have already set a date for doing a Vlog of the 12 BLAZE GHOST PEPPER Buffalo Wild Wing challenge in 2 weeks fulfilling my donation goal buts lets make my BAD TIME.. even... *GULP*..... badder Q.Q

For every 50$ ( currently at $200) that my donations increase I will eat 1 Blazing boneless wild wing DURING the Bad Time Fight! (cap at 4 so I can actually beat the boss after. lol)